Clients' Assistance

With our 50 years' experience and with more than 3000 customers worldwide, we are now a true master business when it's about assisting our clients, thanks to all the services we do offer to our public.

Fixing the staplers is one of the services we can offer, guaranteeing the quickest readiness at finding the best spare parts for your product. Our mechanisms department offers a fully qualified assistance which follows the whole development process of the mechanic, from the starting project to the finished product.

We can also design your package, which is different, depending on the good you choose. In fact, our goal is to help you select the package which fits with your product in the best way possible.

Let's not forget that we are able to design many products to meet your requirements, giving you the chance to customize your items (fabrics, airfilm, cloths, brush nylons, non-woven fabrics, adhesive tapes).

We deliver our products in every part of the world, making sure of respecting the standard delivery times.

For those who need a very fast delivery, we offer a quick delivery service within 24 hours in the whole Italy. For the majority of the national deliveries, in order to be as fast and precise as possible, we use our own delivery means.