Terms and conditions

Paragraph 1 ORDER:
- In case of an order the present sale general terms and conditions, whose no exception is conceded, must be accepted;
- The orders which are transferred to any trade assistants and brokers are taken on Company's approval;
- For orders of an amount of less than € 100,00 Nerini S.p.A. reserves the right to apply a 10% rise of the supplying value (with a minimum amount of € 5,00) meant as "minimum order".

- Orders are meant to be accepted according to the current prices that is in the time they are effected and they an undergo a variation because of the tendency of the money market, because of production costs rises or because of other adjustments;
- Prices are to be meant as ex Nerini S.p.A. factory.

Paragraph 3 PACKING:
- The images, drawings and graphics in the present catalogue are just descriptive and they can undergo some changes and improvements both on quality and on image. Packings and packagings of the represented goods are just descriptive, too.
- The colours cards, showed in the catalogue, have to be considered as approximate in comparison with the reference original ones, as the transposition on paper can't be their absolute accuracy.

- Shippings, even if they are effected free delivered, are always at the Buyer's risk and failing of his instructions they will be effected by the means the Company thinks the most suitable one;
- Delivery terms are never peremptory, however the Company will do the possible to observe them;
- Any responsibility for any inconveniences by pure chances or by an act of God can't be laid on Nerini S.p.A.

Paragraph 5 EXPORT:
- When exporting, the Client must observe the norms that control foreign trade.

- When receiving the goods the Buyer must see to control parcels' number, their outer state and weight;
- Some possible objections must be specified and some possible diversities or defects must be notified in writing, under penalty of loss, within 8 days from receiving, if evident and within the same term from discovering, if hidden.
- Nerini S.p.A. doesn't acknowledge the warranty on sold goods in case they are used improperly: more exactly, warranty dies away if the supplied goods have been changed, violated, used differently from instructions or used for purposes which are different from those the goods have been designed for.

- Any returns of goods can't be accepted without any previous authorization by Nerini S.p.A.;
- For fiscal reasons, any returns of goods won't be accepted, although previously authorized by the Company, if the goods aren't joined to a regular shipping note containing precise goods description and purchase's invoice data.

Paragraph 8 PAYMENTS:
- Payments must be effected in accordance to the forms, ways and terms estabilished by the supplying firm and in case of lacking at its head office;
- Payments through the commercial agent can be effected but only if the agent has the power and the authority for takings;
- Referring to payments through RI.BA., for a value of less than € 50,00 Nerini S.p.A. will charge to the Client the costs for the bank transaction in the invoice;
- In case of delayed payment, interests at the current bank rate will become effective;
- All retentions, rebates, deductions, roundings up or reductions bigger than those agreed and resulting from invoices are non-fulfilment.

- Any reproduction or imitation, even partially, of texts, photos and brands contained in the catalogue, Nerini S.p.A. owns, is forbidden, any possible violation of Company's property rights will be legally prosecuted.

- If any controversy occurs after some supplyings, the Place of Jurisdiction will be Prato.